DragonLIGHT Panel


This large flat panel is perfect for telescopes up to 16 inches in aperture. When paired with the DragonLIGHT Controller, you can get perfect flats every time.

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The DragonLIGHT Panel pairs with the DragonLIGHT Controller to provide perfect flat calibration frames every time. This flat light panel is large enough for all but the largest telescopes.

The replaceable acrylic diffuser allows you to get the perfect exposure length for your flat exposures. Available with a (brightest) 69%, 45%, 9%, or (darkest) 0.1% translucent white diffuser, or contact us for more options. You can also cut and fit your own diffuser (20″ x 24″ or 30″ x 40″) to dial in the brightness you need.

We recommend the 45% diffuser for slow telescopes F/10 and above, and the 9% for faster scopes. When paired with the DragonLIGHT Controller, you can automate your flat exposures with your favorite imaging software.

As an example, we used a 45% diffuser with the DragonLIGHT Controller, a PlaneWave CDK 12.5″ F/8, and ZWO ASI6200MC-Pro at 100 gain and 1 second exposure to achieve an average ADU of about 32000 with the DragonLIGHT set to a brightness of 20 out of 255.

You can buy with confidence with a one-time free replacement of the diffuser with a different value. If the one you chose is too dark or too bright, send it back and we’ll send a different value to you.

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White 69%, White 45%, White 9%, White 0.1%

Frame Size

28 3/8" x 24", 35 1/4" x 46"

Light Panel Size

24" x 20", 40" x 30"


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