DragonLAIR WiFi Is Shipping. The easy to install, easy to use, platform agnostic, off-power grid capable Roll Off Roof controller with modern plug and play technology is available now. This is what you have been wanting for your all night imaging sequences. Peace of mind and sleep. Contact us today about its full capabilities.

Observatory Control, Easy

We found a need for easy to use, easy to understand observatory control systems, so that’s what we built.

We are thrilled to introduce our remote observatory control systems that revolutionize amateur astronomy. With our cutting-edge technology, you can now operate your observatory remotely and reliably, taking your stargazing experience to extraordinary heights.

At the forefront of our product lineup are the DragonLAIR roll-off-roof controller and the DragonLIGHT flat panel controller. These innovative devices are designed to provide seamless integration and unparalleled convenience. The best part? They function as standalone equipment, eliminating the need for a computer to operate them.

Our DragonLAIR roll-off-roof controller offers exceptional control over your observatory’s roof, ensuring smooth and precise operation. With its advanced features and robust construction, you can confidently leave the task of opening and closing the roof to this intelligent system. Designed to work seamlessly with popular astronomy software through ASCOM and INDI, it guarantees unparalleled compatibility and a hassle-free user experience. Whether you have a small backyard observatory, a larger roll off roof observatory, or if you are managing a large number of observatories at a commercial hosting facility, we have the technology you need.

The DragonLIGHT flat panel controller presents a wonderful approach to taking calibration images. This device allows you to effortlessly adjust the illumination of your flat panel using either our large direct illumination flat panels, or to use indirect lighting on a flat white surface, much like the larger professional observatories. Whether you need to dim the lights for a fast large aperture scope, or raise the level for a slow scope with narrowband filters, the DragonLIGHT offers precise control with just a few taps.

By combining functionality, reliability, and user-friendly operation, our remote observatory control systems empower you to focus on what truly matters – exploring and discovering the wonders of the Universe. Trust in our technology to enhance your astronomical journey and unlock limitless possibilities, all from the comfort of your own observatory.

So why wait? Embrace the future of amateur astronomy with our remote observatory control systems and embark on a celestial adventure like never before. The cosmos awaits you!