DragonLIGHT Panel Replacement Diffuser


Replace or add a new diffuser to your DragonLIGHT panel.

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Available with a (lightest) 69%, 45%, 9%, or (darkest) 0.1% translucent white diffuser, or contact us for more options.

We recommend the 45% diffuser for slow telescopes F/10 and above, and the 9% for faster scopes. When paired with the DragonLIGHT Controller, you can automate your flat exposures with your favorite imaging software.

As an example, we used a 45% diffuser with the DragonLIGHT Controller, a PlaneWave CDK 12.5″ F/8, and ZWO ASI6200MC-Pro at 100 gain and 1 second exposure to achieve an average ADU of about 32000 with the DragonLIGHT set to a brightness of 20 out of 255.

The DragonLIGHT panel allows you to stack up to 2 diffusers to customize the brightness of the panel, just attach the diffusers together with double sided tap at the edge.

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White 69%, White 45%, White 9%, White 0.1%

Light Panel Size

24" x 20", 40" x 30"


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