DragonLIGHT Mobile – iPad Flat Panel


DragonLIGHT Mobile transforms your existing iPad into a dynamic flat panel for mobile astrophotography. With manual brightness control and seamless compatibility with ASCOM Alpaca, it empowers you to capture precise calibration frames tailored to your imaging setup. Harnessing the iPad’s impressive dynamic range, DragonLIGHT Mobile ensures even illumination while offering the flexibility to create custom aperture masks for limiting light bleed to your surroundings. What sets it apart is that it’s not only powerful but also cost-effective, significantly cheaper than DIY alternatives.

ASCOM Alpaca Instructions


The DragonLight Mobile iPad Flat Panel transforms your existing device into an ASCOM compatible flat light and still allows you to manually control the brightness for standalone use.


Aperture mask to limit light bleed to your surroundings. You can enable the aperture mask in settings, and adjust the size to match your telescope. This means you only illuminate your imaging train, not your surroundings. Perfect for helping maintain your night vision. Once enabled, either adjust the size in settings, or drag your finger horizontally across the device while in flat mode to adjust the size of the aperture mask.

Manual brightness control. Enter flat mode with the touch of a button, then drag your finger vertically to adjust the brightness of the screen. Thanks to the incredible dynamic range of the iPad’s screen, you can adjust the brightness to exactly where you need it. Get perfect flats at any time of day or night.

ASCOM Alpaca compatible. Control the brightness of the screen with your favorite imaging software. Because it uses ASCOM Alpaca, you get driverless control out of the box. No need to keep drivers up to date. Start the app, then automatically discover your flat light from ASCOM Diagnostics, then use it with N.I.N.A., Sequence Generator Pro, and any other ASCOM imaging software.




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