DragonLAIR Pro

DragonLAIR Pro for large multi-pier buildings housing large research grade telescopes.

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DragonLAIR Pro was developed to manage the largest roll back buildings located under the darkest skies in the world.

When the Howling Coyote Remote Observatory(HCRO) contacted Dark Dragons to design a commercial solution to their brand new Bortle 1 observatory in the high desert of New Mexico,  the DragonLAIR Pro was the result. Using the DragonLAIR Roof Control System as the starting point, Darks Dragons developed this customizable system specifically to move these types of  large structures. A completely new customizable motor mount system using easy to source industrial components lies at the heart of the system. An IP66 rated outdoor enclosure secures and protects the networked control system, and a battery backup for all the critical electronics means the building will close if the mains power go down.

The DragonLAIR Pro uses the same easily sourced gear motors as the DragonLAIR but with an additional customizable gear reduction system. This gearing can take the standard 90:1 internal gearing up to a 360:1 reduction upping the torque to a whopping 150 ft/lb. This additional gearing allows for large steel buildings to easily roll back under its backup battery power, critical when moving a 6000 pound quonset hut style building housing dozens of large telescopes.

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DragonLAIR Pro

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Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 16 in

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